Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stringer loses another from Press office

Scott Stringer seems to have lost a considerable portion of his press shop. First Lee Landor for Facebook-ing from work; now his Dick Riley, Stringer's Press Secretary is leaving to go to work for UFT.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stringer Deputy Press Sec Slams “O-dumb-a,” Defends Racial Profiling

Stringer Deputy Press Sec Slams “O-dumb-a,” Defends Racial Profiling

Not that I agree with her sentiments but firing (or requesting resignation) your staff for the opinion they express, and such a mundane opinion, is sort of offensive. President Obama in his attempt to ratchet it down last week expressed an opinion that both the professor and the cop acted uncivil, also that it wasn't racially motivated but rather 2 guys that both were having a bad day (even though the professor continues claim it was racially motivated).

Ms. Landor certainly should have been reprimanded as it is her job to be the public face for an elected official and probably should have sent a message to all those that read the her status update while deleting her original status, but she should not have been forced out of her job.

Updated: 1:48PM 7/28
I did not intially realize the comments were made while on the clock at the elected official office, essentially have tax payers pay for her facebooking time. Of course Ms. Landor should have been fired for goofing off at work, I did not realize that at first and apologize for defending her right to self expression. She still has a the right, its just shouldn't be done on someone else's dime.